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Empire Fortune

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Oct 5, 2016
  • Volatility High
  • RTP 94.3%
  • Max win €200,000
  • Number of lines 20

Ascend to great riches in Empire Fortune, the lavish new slot game from Yggdrasil Gaming. Set in the opulent world of historical royalty, this 20-payline game offers a glimpse into the lives of kings and queens. Spinning the 5 dazzling reels transports you to a majestic palace, where rubies, gold coins and more beckon from the sumptuous throne room. The Gold Bar scatter symbol can unlock 15 free games with expanding wilds to increase your royal fortune. Backed by an upbeat soundtrack fit for nobility, Empire Fortune makes players feel like aristocracy with every spin. With frequent small hits keeping you invested, plus the potential for huge payouts of up to 270,000 coins, you’ll be living like royalty in no time! Will you rule over the palace with benevolence or rule with an iron fist? Take your seat on the jewel-encrusted throne to find out! With lavish graphics and exciting special features, Empire Fortune delivers on luxury, power and wins fit for a king.

Empire's Riches: Weighing the Glory and Challenges

Empire Fortune by Yggdrasil Gaming is a dazzling dip into a world of wealth and regality. But like any empire, it has its shining achievements and its challenges. Here's a detailed look at the highs and lows of this slot game:


Pros icon

Jackpot Treasures

One of the game's crown jewels is its progressive jackpot, which tantalizingly dangles the prospect of three separate windfalls.

Pros icon

A Feast for the Senses

From glistening graphics to harmonious sound effects, Empire Fortune ensures every spin is an audio-visual delight.

Pros icon

Intriguing Bonuses

The game is not just about the beauty; it brings innovative gameplay elements to the table, like its free spins, the hold feature, and an exciting jackpot wheel.


Cons icon

Feature Famine

While Empire Fortune is no slouch, it might not pack as many features as some other slot enthusiasts might be accustomed to.

Cons icon

Jackpot Comparisons

When stacked up against other progressive jackpot games, Empire Fortune's pot of gold might not always feel as grand.

Opulent Riches Await in the Palace of Empire Fortune

Yggdrasil Gaming's Empire Fortune slot whisks players away to a lavish world of aristocracy and wealth. Let's examine how this game leverages its regal theme and narrative:

Theme Game

Empire Fortune is built around a royal theme, with symbols and graphics reflecting the opulent lifestyle of kings and queens. Ornate jewelry, golden goblets and precious gems adorn the reels. The majestic soundtrack evokes the grandeur of palace life. Every element comes together to make players feel like nobility.

Storyline of Slot

The game’s story follows your ascent from peasant to royalty within the Empire. You’ve been invited to the palace, where spinning the reels offers a glimpse into the decadent world of aristocracy. Landing the Gold Bar scatters grants you an audience with the King and Queen. Now in their inner circle, you’re awarded 15 Free Games to grow your fortune. Expanding wilds help unlock the palace’s hidden treasures, rewarding you with princely riches.

Empire's Call: Your Guide to Conquering Empire Fortune

Set foot in the grand halls of Empire Fortune, a slot game by Yggdrasil Gaming that marries opulence with opportunity. If you're ready to chase the treasures of this empire, here's your step-by-step guide to get started:


Casino Selection

Start by choosing an online casino that proudly hosts Empire Fortune in its gaming library.


Stake Your Claim

Adjust your bet size to suit your strategy and pocket using the +/- buttons.


Begin Your Quest

Dive into the realm by clicking the spin button.


Knowledge is Power

Familiarize yourself with the empire's treasury. Click on the paytable button to understand the symbols and their respective rewards.


Bonus Treasures Await

Stay alert for the game's bounty of bonus features like free spins, the intriguing hold feature, and the jackpot wheel.


The Grand Jackpots

A true emperor's prize, try your luck to hit the progressive jackpot, which is split into 3 tempting treasures.


The Royal Experience

Sit back, relax, and get lost in Empire Fortune's breathtaking visuals, thrilling features, and the chance to change your fortune forever.

Lavish Visuals Transport You to a World of Royalty

Yggdrasil Gaming pulls out all the stops with Empire Fortune's polished graphics, sounds and animations to fully immerse players in aristocratic luxury. Let's look at how they achieve regal splendor from the first spin:

Captivating Graphics Fit for a King

Empire Fortune renders a majestic atmosphere with vivid colors and baroque embellishments. Ornate jewelry glitters across the reels while gemstones dazzle with light effects. The expanding wilds feature vibrant royal imagery. Every detail reinforces the game's theme of noble riches.

Sounds Worthy of a Palace

Upbeat orchestral music evokes an air of sophistication and grandeur. Triumphant chimes ring out with every winning spin as coins clatter on the reels. Bonus rounds are accompanied by enthusiastic fanfares. The royal soundtrack makes you feel like a monarch.

Seamless Animations Bring the Palace to Life

Smooth animations between spins and during features add polish. Gems glisten as reels spin. Wild symbols expand across reels with fluid motion. Coins cascade down seamlessly following wins. The overall presentation mimics luxury.

Wagering in Aristocratic Opulence

When indulging in Empire Fortune's royal treatment, it's key to understand the range of bets accommodated, the RTP percentage, and volatility you'll encounter:

Bet Sizes

  • Bets range from $0.20 up to $100 per spin, fitting low rollers and high rollers alike. This flexibility lets you find the ideal bet for your budget.


  • The theoretical RTP is 94.3%, slightly above average. This suggests a small edge for players over time.


  • As a medium variance game, Empire Fortune provides a healthy balance of risk versus reward. You can expect less volatility but modest wins.


How do I trigger the free spins bonus round?

To unlock the free spins bonus in Empire Fortune, you need to land 3 or more of the Gold Bar scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Hitting just 2 scatters will award a small prize, while landing 3+ scatters will trigger 15 free spins with expanding wild symbols added to the reels.

What is the maximum payout possible?

The top jackpot available in Empire Fortune is 270,000 coins. This massive prize can be won during the free spins round when the expanding wild symbols cover entire reels. With some royal luck, the expanding wilds can lead to a princely payout of 270,000 coins or more!

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling