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Privacy and Cookie Policy

This is our Privacy and Cookie Policy (together referred to as "Privacy Policy") which you ("You" or "The User") should read carefully before engaging with our website.

We at slotwinny.com ("We", "Us" or the "Company") have written this Privacy Policy in order to introduce You to the methods We use to gather, store and process any anonymized data We may collect via our website (the "Website").

Our Website contains information about various gaming websites and the gaming industry as a whole. You may occasionally come across links or advertisements that will lead you to third-party content (together with the Website this is referred to as the "Services"). These third-party websites are not under our control, and thus their content is covered by their own privacy (and cookie) policies. Before You decide to share your data with those sites, We advise you to read their privacy policies closely.

Your continued patronage of our Website is considered equal to your understanding of and consent to the data-collection and processing methods listed in this Privacy Policy.

Different kinds of information we collect

Non-personal Information

Your use of our Services may lead to the gathering and handling of un-identified and non-identifiable information ("Non-Personal Information").

Some of this information may be broadcast by the device You use to access our Website, such as your IP address, various online identifiers and compiled usage data, as well as specific hardware and software data, including the version of your device's browser and operating system, the language of your device, and the times You choose to browse our Website and use our Services.

We may also gather information about what You do on our Website and how you engage with our Website, in order to be able to update and streamline our Website's capabilities.

Our Website utilizes web cookies as a method of distinguishing a User from another. Through the use of these cookies we ensure the high performance of our Website and the ease of use of its design.

A 'cookie' is a small computer file that is created and sent to a User's device every time a website is accessed. This file is a record of a User's choices on the website, making page browsing easier and smoother. In this way, cookies lead to better communication between the User and the Services.

Below is a breakdown of the different types of cookies our Website uses, and their functions.

  • 'Session cookies' – this type of cookie only exists while your browsing session is going on. It is not kept after You close your browser. Session cookies are necessary for the smooth running of our Website and Services, and disabling them may lead to the limited performance of our Website.
  • 'Persistent cookies' – these cookies are stored for longer than session cookies, the length of time based on the privacy policy of the party that has set them up. Commonly they are kept for one year. Persistent cookies come in several shapes, listed below.
  • Analytical/performance cookies – these files gather anonymous information about all site visitors, analyzing the behaviour of a User on the Website, such as the sections You visit, so that We can structure our Website to better match your needs.
  • Functionality cookies – these cookies distinguish You from other users and save your choices, so that You receive better services in following Website visits; and
  • Targeting cookies – cookies like these are basically lists of the pages and links users click on, which help to increase the Website's relevance to a User’s preferences.

Your continued use of our Website and any links on it is considered to be an automatic acceptance of the use of the enlisted types of cookies above and of other tracking technologies that have been mentioned in this Privacy Policy. It is important to note that cookies do not carry any personal information that can be used to reveal your identity.

It is possible to disable the creation of cookies by altering the settings of the web browser You use. Before You do that, however, You should note that disabling cookies may reduce the overall performance of our Website and the available features of our Services.

The current Privacy Policy only covers Non-Personal Information and tracking technologies that are involved with the Website. It does not apply to cookies, data, or tracking methods that are employed by third-party websites which may be accessed via hyperlinks on the pages of our Website. Since We have no control over third-party sites and their policies, We will not accept any liability regarding such third-party websites, and We strongly advise You to read the privacy policy of each website you submit data to. Therefore, any risks connected to accessing third-party websites is knowingly and voluntarily carried by the User.

Our Privacy Policy applies solely to our Website, and it will not cover any information, Non-Personal or otherwise, that You choose to submit to any third-party website which You access via a hyperlink on our Website.

Using your information

The data that is gathered from a User may be used for any of the above reasons so far outlined in this Privacy Policy, as well as for any of the following reasons:

  • To conduct research and analytics leading to an improvement in our Services;
  • To maintain the safety and security of your data and our Website;
  • To assess how important specific content is to our Users; and
  • To compile all your data from all our third-party service providers in one place, so as to gain a complete picture of your needs.

The data We collect may also be used in response to government requests following any applicable laws and regulations, or to respond to any court demands or requests by an equivalent legal entity.

Sharing your information

There are several reasons We may share your data with others. They are described below.

Third-party service providers

We may share your data with some of our trusted business partners and affiliates as a way of helping them carry out their data-processing tasks for the purpose of bettering our Website. These may include researching, analysing and diagnosing data and the Website's performance.

Information that is shared with third parties is handled according to the privacy and security measures described in this Privacy Policy and according to all applicable laws.

Other disclosures

Other organisations that may have limited access to the data We collect from you include auditors, advisers, and any prospective buyers and investors in the Company. We may also share your data with our affiliates and subsidiaries where necessary for the smooth running of our Services.

If the Company becomes involved in a merger, the sale of a large business share, or the buying of a business or an asset, We may also provide your data to the prospective parties involved in these corporate transactions.

In addition to the above cases, We may also share your data if We find that it will be needed and comply with a governmental request, applicable law or legal obligation; if We believe it will help enforce any legal rights such as intellectual property; if We consider it helpful in taking action against illegal activities, including security issues and possible fraud; in order to uphold our in-company policies, exercise our rights to contest legal claims, and maintain the safety of our, your or any third-party's rights.

Information retention

We only retain anonymized data for the period during which our agreements and policies demand for the sake of security and law compliance. We make all reasonable effort to maintain the safety and security of our data according to all the conditions laid out in this Privacy Policy.

Security and transfer of information

In order to provide You and ourselves with sufficient security, We dedicate a lot of time and attention to the correct carrying-out and monitoring of our security procedures. We make use of policies and procedures that are used throughout the gaming industry to protect information transfers and avoid any unlawful access to any data. While we make all reasonably necessary effort to protect data, we cannot promise that we will be able to prevent all attempts of unauthorized access to it, or any exploitation of the Services.

Regretfully, information transfers over the World Wide Web are not yet entirely secure. The security of the transmission of data cannot be guaranteed and any such transmission happens at the User's own risk. Nevertheless, the Company will endeavour to fully safeguard the data under our control at all times.

Our Company is a global organisation, and as such, it is covered by laws both inside and outside of the European Union (the "EU"). This means that We may need to transfer data to and through countries that are outside of the scope of the EU data protection and related laws, and which may have less comprehensive data regulations. If this be the case, We will do our utmost to treat all data with a similar level of care and diligence wherever it is.


We must heavily stress that users under the age of 18 are legally forbidden from engaging in the Services we provide. Our Services have been designed with individuals over 18 years of age in mind.

Privacy Policy updating

The Company strongly recommends that a User reviews this Privacy Policy at regular intervals in order to stay up to date with any changes that may happen at the Company's discretion. Our Website will always feature the most updated version of the Privacy Policy.

If you are to continue using our Services this will be considered equal to your recognition of such amendments and agreement to them.

Information about us

In the case of any queries about the Services, the way We handle anonymized data, or about our operation of the Services, kindly contact us at contact@slotwinny.com.