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Double Dragons

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Sep 22, 2016
  • Volatility Medium - High
  • RTP 96.1%
  • Max win €80,000
  • Number of lines 25

Get ready for blazing wins in Double Dragons, the fiery new video slot from leading developer Yggdrasil Gaming. This 5-reel, 3-row, 25-payline game brings the battle between rival dragon clans to life across the reels. Packed with features, it offers huge win potential through stacked wilds and the epic double dragons feature.

When activated, the fire dragon scorches the reels with extra wilds while the ice dragon boosts your prizes with 2X multipliers! As you play, collect dragon heads to unlock free spins. And with the cascading symbols mechanic, winning combinations disappear and new symbols drop down for even more sizzling reactions. Backed by stunning graphics and smooth gameplay, Double Dragons provides a thrilling slots experience fit for dragon riders. With an RTP of 96.1%, medium to high volatility, and a max win of €80,000, this innovative 25-payline game offers dragon fire intensity. Saddle up with your chosen dragon ally and take flight today! Epic adventures and big rewards await in Double Dragons.

Theme and Storyline of Double Dragons

Embarking on a Mythical Journey

Double Dragons, crafted by Yggdrasil Gaming, whisks players away to a fantastical realm where two mighty dragons reign - one embodies the essence of fire while the other encapsulates the chilling power of ice. The narrative of this game is tightly interwoven with the lore of these two dragons and their intertwining fates.

A Visual Spectacle

One of the game's standout features is its visually arresting graphics. Players are bound to be mesmerized as the dragons spring to life in fluid animations whenever they clinch a winning combination. The game consistently stays true to its dragon-centric theme, from symbols adorned with dragon eyes, claws, to the majestic dragon heads themselves.

Immersive Gameplay Mechanics

Yggdrasil Gaming doesn't stop at the visuals; they've infused Double Dragons with captivating gameplay features. Players will encounter stacked wilds that can amplify their winning potential. But the real allure lies in the 'Double Dragons' feature, a gateway to rewarding free spins and a treasure trove of bonuses. As players journey deeper, they'll stumble upon the 'Dragon Head Collection' - a quest to amass dragon heads that unlock even more tantalizing bonuses.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Delving into the realm of mythical beasts, Double Dragons by Yggdrasil Gaming offers players an enchanting slot experience. Yet, as with any game, it comes with its own set of strengths and potential drawbacks. Let's dive deep into the game's pros and cons to provide a comprehensive overview.


Pros icon

A Visual Masterpiece

Double Dragons is a testament to Yggdrasil Gaming's prowess in design, boasting impeccable graphics and fluid animations that bring the mythical world alive.

Pros icon

Engaging Features

Beyond the aesthetics, the game is jam-packed with distinctive features. Players can enjoy stacked wilds, the enthralling Double Dragons feature, and the quest-like Dragon Head Collection feature, all of which enhance the gaming experience manifold.

Pros icon

Favorable RTP

With a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage, players can anticipate frequent, albeit smaller, payouts, making the game a favorable choice for many.

Pros icon

Mythical Magnetism

The dragon-centric theme is a breath of fresh air in the slot game universe. It immerses players in a fantastical journey, far from the mundane.


Cons icon

Not for the Risk-Averse

The game's high variance might deter some players, especially those who prefer more consistent, smaller wins.

Cons icon

Complexity Can Confound

While the game's unique features are a draw for many, they can be somewhat bewildering for newcomers or those used to simpler slot mechanics.

Cons icon

Traditionalist's Trepidation

For players who yearn for the classic slot vibe, the dragon-dominated theme might not hit the right chord.

A Player's Guide

For fans of mythical themes and intricate gameplay, Yggdrasil Gaming's Double Dragons is a tantalizing adventure waiting to be explored. As you embark on this captivating journey alongside fiery and icy dragons, understanding the game mechanics is pivotal.


Start at the Right Casino

Begin your quest by selecting an online casino that proudly features Double Dragons in its gaming arsenal.


Determine Your Stake

Utilize the +/- buttons to calibrate your bet size. While the exact range might vary slightly based on the casino, players typically have the liberty to wager anywhere between €0.25 to a hefty €125.


Set the Reels in Motion

Initiate your game by pressing the spin button, and watch as the world of dragons unfolds before your eyes.


Decipher the Symbols

To strategize better and understand the value of each symbol, access the paytable. Here, you'll get insights into potential winnings associated with various symbol combinations.


Harness the Power of Unique Features

Double Dragons isn't just about spinning reels. Stay alert for its plethora of distinct features - the stacked wilds, the spellbinding Double Dragons feature, and the challenging Dragon Head Collection. These are not mere embellishments but key tools that can significantly bolster your game.


Savor the Experience

Above all, remember to relish the game. With its unparalleled graphics, animations, and thrilling gameplay, Double Dragons is more than just a slot game – it's an adventure.

Unveiling the Sensory Delight of Double Dragons by Yggdrasil Gaming

When you dive into the realm of online slots, some games captivate you immediately with their exquisite design and ambient soundtracks. Double Dragons by Yggdrasil Gaming is one such game. Here's a closer look at the visual and auditory elements that make this game truly spellbinding.

Graphics and Animations

At the heart of Double Dragons lies its meticulous design. The game proudly showcases high-definition graphics that capture every intricate detail. From the mesmerizing gaze of dragon eyes to the fierce allure of dragon heads and the intricate design of dragon claws - every symbol is a testament to the game's commitment to visual excellence. But it doesn't stop there. As players land on a winning combination, the dragons spring to life in a dance of fiery and icy animations. This dynamic portrayal elevates the player's experience, making every win not just a score, but a visual treat.


Complementing the visual beauty is the game's rich auditory landscape. Every spin and win is accentuated with immersive sound effects that draw players deeper into the world of Double Dragons. Adding layers to this auditory journey is the game's soundtrack. It's not just any background music; it's a symphony that resonates with the game's mythical theme, making every spin feel like a step into a grand adventure.

A Deep Dive into Bets, RTP, and Volatility

Bet Sizes

  • "Double Dragons" is adaptable to both newbies and seasoned players with its flexible betting range. Players can adjust their stake from a minimum of €0.25 to a maximum of €125, fitting various gaming budgets.
  • The game has been optimized for mobile play, making it accessible for on-the-go gaming.


  • The RTP of "Double Dragons" stands at 96.1%, positioning it competitively amongst other slots in the market. This indicates that for every €100 wagered, players can, on average, expect a return of €96.10.
  • A higher RTP such as this suggests a more player-friendly game, providing more consistent payouts over time.


  • Double Dragons features a medium to high volatility, a characteristic that defines the payout frequency and size.
  • With its medium to high volatility, players can expect less frequent but potentially larger payouts, which is further emphasized by the game's impressive max win of €80,000.


How do I activate the Double Dragons feature?

Landing a full stack of dragon wilds on reels 2, 3 or 4 triggers the Double Dragons feature. This brings out the fire and ice dragons for expanding wilds and win multipliers.

What is the maximum payout possible?

The top prize in Double Dragons is 80,000 coins. This huge jackpot can be won when the double dragon effects produce multiple high value symbol combinations during the free spins.

How do I win free spins?

Landing 9 or more dragon head scatters anywhere on the reels awards free spins in Double Dragons. The more scatters you hit, the more free spins you'll win, up to 25 max free spins.

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling