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Buster Hammer Carnival

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Mar 11, 2021
  • Volatility Medium-High
  • RTP 95.97% - 96.34%
  • Max win €217,600
  • Number of lines 50

Step right up to try your strength at the carnival in Buster Hammer Carnival, the vivid new video slot from leading creator Yggdrasil Gaming. This medium-high volatility game offers 50 paylines of amusement park fun across 5 brilliant reels. Swing the giant hammer to smash symbols and unlock special features like expanding grids, over 32,000 ways to win and Gold Wildhammers. With an RTP ranging from 95.97% to 96.34% and a max payout of €217,600, Buster Hammer Carnival hits the jackpot on gameplay and rewards. Backed by premium 3D graphics and an upbeat carnival soundtrack, Yggdrasil Gaming nails the fun and exciting ambience of the fair. Test your skills on the high striker game and see if you have what it takes to ring the bell for epic wins! With entertaining features and huge win potential, Buster Hammer Carnival is a smash hit that can't be missed.

Delving into the Theme and Storyline of Buster Hammer Carnival

Buster Hammer Carnival is Yggdrasil Gaming's encore to the much-loved Buster Hammer slot. At its heart, this sequel immerses players in a festive carnival setting where the spotlight is on our beloved character, Buster Hammer. Swinging his hammer with unmatched vigor, Buster's pivotal role in the game revolves around his unrivaled strength and his knack for converting his powerful blows into shimmering gold wild hammers.


A Visual and Auditory Treat

The sheer brilliance of the 3D visuals employed in the game captivates players, drawing them into Buster's world of strength shows at the carnival. And it's not just the visuals that impress; the game's atmospheric sounds transport players right into the bustling heart of a carnival. Every swing Buster takes at the Wild High Striker reinforces the game's theme, reminding players of the sheer power and potential rewards awaiting them.


Bells and Whistles: Game Features

Beyond the immersive theme, the gameplay stands out thanks to its unique features. The Mighty Free Spins and the Wild Striker mechanics elevate the thrill, ensuring players are always on their toes, anticipating Buster's next smashing move. With a medium-high volatility and the lure of a potential €217,600 win, the stakes and excitement are palpable.

The Strengths and Shortcomings of Buster Hammer Carnival by Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming's Buster Hammer Carnival promises players a ride filled with both thrills and spills. As a sequel to the successful Buster Hammer game, it has generated quite a buzz in the gaming community. But as with any game, it has its peaks and troughs. Let's delve deeper into the game's attributes.


Pros icon

Visual Feast

Buster Hammer Carnival boasts of impeccable 3D visuals that are both premium in quality and fitting to its carnival theme.

Pros icon

Engaging Gameplay

With features like Mighty Free Spins and Wild Striker, the game promises non-stop excitement and a dynamic gaming experience.

Pros icon

Rewarding Potential

Players have the opportunity to hit the jackpot with a tantalizing maximum win potential of €217,600.

Pros icon

A Worthy Successor

Fans of the original Buster Hammer game have been treated with this sequel, offering a fresh yet familiar gaming experience.


Cons icon

Rollercoaster Volatility

With its medium to high volatility, the game might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially for those who are inclined towards low volatility games.

Cons icon

Theme Specificity

The carnival and strength-themed setting might not resonate with all players.

Cons icon

Potential Extra Costs

For those looking to heighten the wild action, the game's variable ante bet could pinch the pocket a bit more.

Mastering the Carnival: How to Play Buster Hammer Carnival

Dive into the vibrant world of carnivals with Yggdrasil Gaming's Buster Hammer Carnival slot. Before you test your strength and luck, let's walk through the steps to ensure you make the most of this game.


Casino Selection

Begin by picking a trustworthy online casino that offers Buster Hammer Carnival.


Set Your Bet

Once you've loaded the game, it's time to place your bet. Adjust both the coin value and bet level to suit your preference.


Get the Reels Rolling

Initiate the game by pressing the spin button. If you're in for a fast-paced experience, the autoplay option is your best friend.


Understand the Layout

Familiarize yourself with the game's structure. It's equipped with 5 reels, 3 rows, and offers a whopping 3125 ways to win.


Know Your Symbols

The game showcases a range of intriguing symbols, from the mighty Buster Hammer and the entertaining clown to the commanding ringmaster. Each symbol has its unique significance.


Unlock Special Features

Keep an eye out for the Mighty Free Spins feature. Here, the game gets even more thrilling as the reels expand into a 5x8 grid, providing a staggering 32,768 winning possibilities.


Benefit from Bonuses

Don't miss out on the additional perks. The game comes with scatter symbols, wild symbols, and even a special bonus mini-game to boost your chances of striking gold.

Diving Into the Circus Tent: Graphics, Animations, and Sounds

Immersing players in a vibrant carnival world, Buster Hammer Carnival by Yggdrasil Gaming takes visual and audio representation to the next level. Let's delve deeper into what makes this game a visual and auditory feast.


  • Setting the Stage: Transporting players to the heart of a circus, the game exhibits a radiant and dynamic design that perfectly captures the festive environment.
  • Character-rich Symbols: Each symbol tells a story. From the dominating presence of Buster Hammer and the fun-filled clown to the commanding ringmaster, each character is intricately designed, offering players more than just a symbol, but a tale of the carnival.
  • Vivid Imagery: Thanks to top-tier graphics and fluid animations, the circus vibe is not just seen but felt, enlivening the screen with every spin.
  • Visual Feedback: To aid players in tracking their progress, non-winning symbols subtly dim out and shrink, whereas victorious symbols are framed in gold, making wins hard to miss.


  • Circus Tunes: A fittingly vibrant and energetic soundtrack backs the game, ensuring players are tapping their feet while spinning the reels.
  • Soundscapes of Excitement: Each action, symbol, and feature comes alive not just visually but audibly too. Well-crafted sound effects punctuate spins, wins, and in-game features, making every action a multi-sensory delight.
  • Symbolic Sounds: To enhance immersion, different symbols and features possess their distinct sound effects, making each win and feature trigger a unique auditory experience.

Bet Sizes, RTP, and Variance of Buster Hammer Carnival

Bet Sizes:

  • Starting Point: With a default bet size of 1€, Buster Hammer Carnival welcomes both newbies and experienced players alike.
  • Win Big: The slot offers a tantalizing maximum win of €217,600, hinting at the massive potential buried within.

RTP (Return To Player):

  • Above Average Returns: Buster Hammer Carnival boasts an RTP ranging from 96.51% to 96.54%. This puts the game above the typical average for online slots, suggesting a more generous return to players over time.


  • Expect the Unexpected: As a medium to high variance game, Buster Hammer Carnival ensures that wins might be spaced out, but they pack a punch. The game's high variance implies players might need patience but could be rewarded with sizeable payouts.
  • Maximum Potential: For those with an appetite for significant wins, the game offers a potential win of up to a staggering 8,704x during its free games, making every spin a thrilling experience.


What unique features does Buster Hammer Carnival have?

Buster Hammer Carnival offers an expanding 5x8 reel grid during free spins for over 32,000 ways to win. It also has Gold Wildhammer symbols that can smash onto the reels for big payouts.

What is the theme of this slot game?

Buster Hammer Carnival has a colorful carnival and circus theme featuring acts like hammer strength tests, clowns, and magicians. The graphics bring the energetic carnival atmosphere to life.

Is this a high or low variance slot?

Buster Hammer Carnival is classified as a medium to high variance slot, meaning it offers a riskier gaming experience with less frequent but bigger wins when they hit.

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling