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Big Benji Bonanza

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date May 30, 2022
  • Volatility Medium-High
  • RTP 95.5%
  • Bet €1 (min: €0.20, max: €20)
  • Hit frequency 29.01%
  • Max win €259,156
  • Max multiplier X 12,957.80
  • Number of lines 243
  • Number of reels 5
  • Number of rows 3

Get ready to make it rain with Yggdrasil Gaming's latest release, Big Benji Bonanza. This 5-reel, 3-row video slot serves up 243 ways to win when it hits casinos on May 30th, 2022. With an RTP of 95.5%, medium-high volatility, max win of €259k and hit frequency of 29%, this Wall Street makeover prints money across the reels. Bets range from €0.20 to €20 with a max payout of 12,957x. Watch as dollar bills land in view, then cash them in at the money machine on reel 5. Trigger 3+ scatters for free spins featuring Super Staxx mechanics, where symbols can stack for up to 10 extra ways to win. Land on the wheel in free spins for matching money symbols and re-triggers onto the next president. With wild cash potential, dollar bill respins, and a slot theme like no other, Big Benji Bonanza lets players make it rain with wins. Get ready to turn those reels into a crazy cash bonanza!

Wall Street Wonders in Big Benji Bonanza

Theme of Big Benji Bonanza

Dive into a world of affluence with Big Benji Bonanza, set against the iconic backdrop of Wall Street. This game, steeped in luxury, promises an experience unlike any other:

  • Centered on Wealth: The predominant theme of Big Benji Bonanza revolves around money and the pursuit of riches.
  • Financial District Setting: The game plays out on Wall Street, showcasing symbols and elements reminiscent of the high-stakes financial world.
  • A Modern Benjamin Franklin: The standout character, Big Benji, captures the essence of prosperity. He's a contemporary take on Benjamin Franklin, complete with a glistening golden crown and a ritzy cigar.
  • Classic Meets Contemporary: In an artistic twist, Yggdrasil Gaming blends the traditional fruit machine visuals with the modern, wealth-focused theme.

Storyline of Big Benji Bonanza

Though not explicitly outlined, the storyline's undertones are evident, painting a picture of opulence and the thrill of the financial chase:

  • Implicit Narrative: Even without a detailed storyline, the game's theme hints at a tale of chasing wealth and grandeur on Wall Street.
  • A Luxurious Journey: Players are immersed in a narrative that lets them experience the highs and lows of accumulating vast riches.
  • Opportunities to Strike Gold: The game teases with features like increasing win multipliers, enticing free spins, and the super staxx features, all of which amplify the chance to win big.
  • More Than Just a Game: Beyond the spins and wins, Big Benji Bonanza offers a captivating journey through a world dripping with wealth and splendor.

The Glitz of Wall Street in Slot Form

It's a game that captures the allure of Wall Street while promising a slew of features and potential big wins. However, like any investment, there are both upsides and downsides to consider. Here's a breakdown of what players can expect:


Pros icon

Fresh Theme

A distinctive concept focusing on the world of wealth sets the stage for an enticing gameplay experience.

Pros icon

Bonus Bonanza

The game offers an array of bonus features that ramp up the excitement and potential rewards.

Pros icon

Buy-in Option

For those keen on jumping straight to the action, there's an option to buy into the bonus features and free spins.

Pros icon

Massive Potential Win

With the possibility to achieve a maximum win of 12,957x, there's certainly a tantalizing prize for the taking.

Pros icon

High Variance

Ideal for thrill-seekers, its high variance can lead to less frequent but potentially larger payouts.


Cons icon

RTP Concern

A Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.5% sits slightly below the industry average, which could be a sticking point for some players.

Cons icon

High Roller Limitations

Those used to placing large wagers might find the betting options a bit restrictive.

Rolling in Riches with Big Benji Bonanza

A game that screams wealth and prosperity, it's as enticing in its gameplay as it is in its theme. If you're ready to rub elbows with Big Benji, here's how you can get started:


Select Your Casino

Begin by picking a trusted online casino that offers Big Benji Bonanza.


Set Your Stakes

After launching the game, decide on your bet size. This can be done by tweaking the coin value and bet level.


Spin to Win

Start the game by pressing the spin button.


Know the Basics

The game boasts five reels with 20 paylines. Secure a win by landing three or more identical symbols on a payline, moving from the leftmost reel to the right.


Symbol Insights

Symbols drenched in the aura of finance – think gold bars, crisp banknotes, and shimmering coins – occupy the reels.


Wild Wonders

The game's wild symbol stands in for any other, helping create those lucrative winning combos.


Spot the Specials

The Super Staxx feature can super-size a symbol, while the Bonus Wheel showers players with exclusive bonuses.


Spin for Free

By securing three or more scatter symbols, you can activate the coveted free spins feature.


Super Staxx in Free Spins

When enjoying your free spins, the Super Staxx feature is in full swing, pushing the potential for grand wins.


Benji's Grand Gesture

The star of the show, Big Benji, is not just a showpiece. He can magnify your earnings, offering a jaw-dropping 12,000x your wager.

Graphics and Sounds of Big Benji Bonanza


Drenched in opulence, Big Benji Bonanza by Yggdrasil Gaming offers players a visual treat. With:

  • High-Quality Designs: The game takes pride in its sharp graphics and smooth animations.
  • Wall Street Aesthetics: Setting the stage on the bustling lanes of Wall Street, every element speaks the language of finance.
  • Meet Big Benji: Drawing inspiration from Benjamin Franklin, our protagonist, Big Benji, dons a golden crown and confidently puffs a cigar, epitomizing affluence.
  • Diverse Symbols: From glistening gold bars to crisp banknotes and shiny coins, the symbols scream luxury.
  • Retro Meets Riches: Interestingly, the game marries the nostalgia of classic fruit machines with the allure of a wealth-centric theme.

Sounds of Big Benji Bonanza

Audio elements play a pivotal role in the game, ensuring that players are wholly submerged in its affluent universe. With:

  • Signature Sounds: The familiar sounds of coins clinking and cash registers chiming set the tone of luxury.
  • Rewarding Effects: Every win or activated bonus feature is celebrated with distinct sound effects, making victories even more gratifying.
  • Rich Soundscapes: Top-tier audio design blends seamlessly with stellar animations, amplifying the gaming thrill.
  • Immersive Experience: Each auditory detail is crafted to pull players deeper into the world of Big Benji, making every spin a rich auditory delight.

Betting and Variability in Big Benji Bonanza

Bet Sizes/RTP

  • Balanced Volatility: With a medium-high volatility, players get the best of both worlds—consistent rewards and chances for mega payouts.
  • Impressive Maximum Win: Players can aim for a colossal prize of €259,156, achievable through the exclusive "Make a G" feature, allowing wins of up to 12,000x the bet.
  • Return to Player (RTP): The game presents an RTP of 95.5%, falling slightly beneath the typical industry standard.
  • Hit Frequency Insights: With a hit frequency of 29.01%, the game promises winning combinations on nearly 29.01% of spins, ensuring frequent moments of excitement.


  • Volatility Spectrum: Falling on the medium-high end of volatility, this game promises regular rewards with opportunities for heftier wins.
  • Features Affecting Variance: Elements like the Super Staxx, cash symbols, multipliers, and free spins significantly influence the game's variance, setting the stage for potentially big rewards.
  • Risk and Reward: Its medium-high volatility means players might face longer dry spells but can also anticipate substantial returns when luck strikes.


How much can players win at most in Big Benji Bonanza?

The peak prize in Big Benji Bonanza is an impressive €259,156. Players can clinch this amount by activating the "Make a G" feature and securing up to a whopping 12,000x their stake.

What's the Return to Player (RTP) for Big Benji Bonanza?

The game boasts an RTP of 95.5%. While it's a tad lower than what's typically seen in the industry, it still promises a fair gaming experience.

Where does Big Benji Bonanza stand in terms of game variance?

Falling in the medium-high category of volatility, Big Benji Bonanza ensures players experience a mix of regular rewards interspersed with chances for bigger payouts.

Are there any special features in the game?

Yes, among the game's exciting features, the "Make a G" stands out, giving players an opportunity to score up to 12,000 times their initial bet.

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling