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Bananaz 10K Ways

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Mar 21, 2022
  • Volatility High
  • RTP 96.10%
  • Max win €240,000
  • Number of lines Infinity Reels™

Prepare for tropical winning action in Bananaz 10K Ways, the new 6-reel slot machine packed with features and up to 10,000 ways to win. Developed by leading creator Yggdrasil Gaming, Bananaz brings a lighthearted fruit theme to life across vivid reels. With Buy Bonus, Respin multiplier features, power ups, and an RTP of 96.10%, this high volatility game offers huge payout potential up to €240,000. Your monkey friend Mike may even get in on the fun! Available in 21 languages, Bananaz 10K Ways leverages Yggdrasil’s proven slots prowess for an engaging gaming experience with a soft exterior but solid winning core. Will you go bananas for the wealth of winning features? Peel into the action and unleash this fruit machine’s potential today! With up to 10,000 ways to win, Bananaz 10K Ways serves up fun and fortune courtesy of leading developer Yggdrasil Gaming.

Unraveling the Jungle Tale: Bananaz 10K Ways

Jungle Setting & Main Character

  • "Bananaz 10K Ways" plunges players into the heart of a vibrant tropical forest, a backdrop perfect for an exciting slot adventure.
  • At the center of the story stands Monkey Mike, an endearing ape with an insatiable appetite for delicious fruits, primarily bananas.

Thematic Symbols and Graphics

  • Fully embracing its banana-centric theme, the game boasts visually appealing symbols tied to the beloved fruit. Players will encounter everything from fresh bananas and bunches of the fruit to the occasional banana peel.
  • These symbols not only add to the game's aesthetic appeal but are central to gameplay and payouts.

Narrative Progression

  • As players spin the reels, they accompany Monkey Mike on his riveting forest escapade. Each spin is a step further into his journey to uncover the forest's delicious treasures.
  • Each element, from cascading symbols to respins, narrates a chapter of Monkey Mike's tale.

Key Features for Engaging Gameplay

  • The cascading symbols mechanism is a standout. Whenever players land a winning combo, those symbols vanish, making way for new ones. This cascade can lead to multiple consecutive wins, ramping up the thrill factor.
  • With an astounding 10,000 ways to win, each spin holds the promise of potential rewards.
  • Further enhancing the gameplay, the bonus respins come loaded with multipliers and power-ups, injecting even more adrenaline into Monkey Mike's forest frolic.

Bananaz 10K Ways: The Good, The Bad, and The Fruity

A trip into a jungle with bananas and big wins sounds intriguing, doesn't it? But is "Bananaz 10K Ways" by Yggdrasil Gaming the right slot game for every player? Let's peel back the layers and examine the pros and cons of this game.


Pros icon

Fresh & Unique Theme

"Bananaz 10K Ways" stands out with its distinctive theme revolving around bananas, providing a delightful deviation from generic slot themes.

Pros icon

Feature-Packed Gameplay

The game doesn't skimp on features. Cascading symbols, a whopping 10,000 winning pathways, and bonus respins amplified with multipliers and power-ups make every spin a thrilling experience.

Pros icon

Fair Play Odds

Players can take solace in the game's RTP, which aligns well with industry standards, promising fair chances at those coveted wins.


Cons icon

Traditionalist's Dilemma

Those accustomed to classic slot layouts and themes might find "Bananaz 10K Ways" a tad too different for their taste.

Cons icon

Riding the Variance Wave

The high variance nature of the game means players could encounter dry spells between significant wins. This level of unpredictability might not sit well with every player.

Cons icon

Theme-Specific Appeal

While many will find the banana-centric theme amusing and refreshing, it's possible that it won't resonate with everyone.

Join Monkey Mike in Bananaz 10K Ways: A Step-by-Step Guide

Venturing into the tropical jungles with Monkey Mike sounds exciting, right? If you're eager to spin the reels of "Bananaz 10K Ways" by Yggdrasil Gaming but not sure how to get started, don't fret! Here's a quick guide to help you navigate through this fruity adventure.


Finding Your Jungle

Begin by selecting an online casino that offers the "Bananaz 10K Ways" game.


Setting Your Stake

Adjust your bet size to your liking. With the +/- buttons, you can modify your bet. Depending on the casino, bets usually range between €0.20 and €25.


Let the Adventure Begin

Once you're ready, click the spin button to set the reels in motion.


Know Your Symbols

Stay informed by checking the paytable. It displays the value of each symbol, so you know which ones to watch out for.


Special Features Alert

The game boasts cascading symbols, a staggering 10,000 ways to win, and bonus respins enhanced with multipliers and power-ups. These features make every spin more thrilling than the last.


Savor the Experience

Dive deep into the jungle with Monkey Mike and relish "Bananaz 10K Ways". Its unique banana-centric theme offers an innovative and delightful gaming experience.

Lush Visuals and Sounds of Bananaz 10K Ways

Graphics and Animations: A Tropical Delight

  • Detailed Artwork: "Bananaz 10K Ways" is a testament to Yggdrasil Gaming's expertise in visual design. The game boasts impeccable graphics and animations that stand out in the crowded world of online slots.
  • Fruity Symbols: True to its theme, the game features rich symbols related to bananas - from whole bananas to banana peels and enticing bunches.
  • Cascading Magic: One of the game's standout features is the cascading symbols mechanism. Winning symbols vanish and make way for new ones, providing players with multiple chances for rewards.
  • Animated Elegance: The animations in "Bananaz 10K Ways" are nothing short of mesmerizing. Watch out for the bananas that spring to life in delightful animations whenever they form part of a winning combo.

Sounds: An Aural Jungle Journey

  • Immersive Effects: Every spin, win, and bonus in the game is accompanied by sound effects that pull players deeper into the tropical setting.
  • Tropical Tunes: Setting the mood just right is the game's tropical-themed soundtrack. It complements the visuals perfectly and elevates the gaming experience.

Betting Dynamics and Winning Potential

Bet Sizes: Flexible and Player-Friendly

  • Customizable Stakes: "Bananaz 10K Ways" offers players the flexibility to tailor their bet sizes using the intuitive +/- buttons.
  • Bet Range: Depending on the specific casino, players can expect bet sizes to fluctuate between a modest €0.20 and a more ambitious €25.

RTP: Above Average Returns

  • Generous Percentage: With an RTP of 96.10%, "Bananaz 10K Ways" stands above the typical average seen in online slots, hinting at more frequent returns.
  • Consistent Payouts: Such an RTP suggests that players can anticipate receiving payouts on a consistent basis.

Variance: A Roller Coaster of Rewards

  • Potential for Big Wins: "Bananaz 10K Ways" is classified as a high variance slot. This means that while players might encounter dry spells, the potential for larger payouts exists.
  • Not for Everyone: High variance games can be a double-edged sword. While they hold the promise of significant returns, they might not be the ideal choice for players who prefer more predictable, smaller payouts.
  • Multiple Win Paths: The game notably boasts 10,000 ways to win, further expanding opportunities for players to land winning combos.


How many ways to win are there in Bananaz 10K Ways?

There are up to 10,000 ways to win in Bananaz 10K Ways. This provides players with tons of possibilities to hit winning combinations each spin.

What causes the multipliers during the respins feature?

During the bonus respin feature, a multiplier value between 2x and 10x is randomly added to any monkey wild symbols that land. This boosts your prizes during the respins

What is the max payout possible?

The top prize available in Bananaz 10K Ways is 240,000 coins. This huge jackpot can be achieved when you trigger big multi-banana symbol pays with stacked monkey wilds.

Does Bananaz 10K Ways have free spins?

No, Bananaz 10K Ways does not have traditional free spins. The main feature is the respins bonus round with multiplying monkey wilds and power-ups.

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling