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  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Dec 14, 2020
  • Volatility Medium - High
  • RTP 96.10%
  • Max win €216,025
  • Number of lines 117,649 Megaways

Dive into the mythical ruins of Atlantis in Yggdrasil Gaming’s Atlantis Megaways, an immersive new online slot with 117,649 ways to win. This medium to high volatility game transports you across 6 vivid reels depicting the fabled sunken city.

The chain reaction mechanic creates opportunities for cascading wins, allowing each victory to multiply into even bigger payouts. Massive jackpot prizes exceeding 216,025€ await within the ruins. With Hypernova Megaways as its predecessor, Atlantis Megaways combines land-based slots excitement with online advantages.

Supremely detailed graphics and sound effects complete the underwater adventure. Watch in anticipation as every spin of the reels uncovers more of Atlantis’ secrets. Will you unlock the treasure at the heart of the city before it’s washed away forever? With an RTP of 96.10%, Atlantis Megaways makes each moment magical. Dive below and experience the wonders of this legendary civilization today courtesy of Yggdrasil’s newest creation!

Theme and Storyline Breakdown

A Deep Dive into the Theme

Atlantis Megaways by Yggdrasil Gaming draws players into the mythical and mesmerizing depths of the ocean, where the legendary city of Atlantis awaits discovery. As players submerge:

  • The game vividly captures the enigmatic underwater ambiance of Atlantis, untouched and untainted by human existence.
  • Players are treated to exquisitely detailed graphics that transport them to this submerged city.
  • The tranquil atmosphere is further enriched with calming melodies and harmonious sound effects, completing the immersive experience.

Unfolding the Storyline

Embarking on an intrepid journey, Atlantis Megaways chronicles the adventure to unearth the secrets of the ocean's heart where the elusive city of Atlantis lies hidden.

  • The reels are adorned with symbols deeply rooted in marine life: from diverse species of fish to unique sea creatures and coveted treasure chests beckoning players with promises of riches.
  • To intensify the allure, the game is sprinkled with captivating bonus features such as free spins and an intriguing pick-and-click game.
  • Elevating the thrill quotient, Atlantis Megaways is powered by the Megaways engine, ensuring a dynamic gameplay experience where paylines evolve with every spin, opening up manifold pathways to victory.

Pros and Cons of Slot Machine

Atlantis Megaways by Yggdrasil Gaming takes players into the mysterious depths of the ocean, revealing both its treasures and challenges. As with any slot game, it offers a blend of advantages and potential drawbacks. Let's dive deeper into what makes this game both appealing and areas where it might fall short for some players.


Pros icon

Stunning Visuals

One of the standout features of the game is its mesmerizing graphics, crafted with intricate details that draw players into the submerged world of Atlantis.

Pros icon

Dynamic Gameplay with Megaways

The inclusion of the Megaways engine is a game-changer, constantly altering the number of paylines with each spin, paving the way for multiple winning opportunities.

Pros icon

Bonus Features Galore

Atlantis Megaways doesn't skimp on added attractions, offering players a spectrum of bonus features from free spins to an engaging pick-and-click game.

Pros icon

Soothing Gaming Experience

Perfect for those seeking a relaxing gaming session, the harmonious soundtrack and sound effects set a serene tone throughout.


Cons icon

High Volatility

While the promise of big wins is tempting, the game's high variance might mean longer waits between those wins, potentially making it less suitable for players with a lower risk appetite.

Cons icon

Set Number of Paylines

Despite its dynamic nature, the game is capped at 117,649 paylines. Some players might find this limiting, especially when compared to other Megaways slots.

Cons icon

Missing Progressive Jackpot

The absence of a progressive jackpot might be a letdown for those chasing those massive, life-changing payouts.

Cons icon

Betting Constraints

With a narrower range of betting options, high rollers might feel the game doesn't cater adequately to their adventurous betting spirits.

How to Play Atlantis Megaway

Atlantis Megaways offers an enticing journey into the heart of the mythical underwater city. With dynamic paylines and enticing features, it promises both excitement and challenge for players. If you're ready to embark on this deep-sea adventure, here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the waters of Atlantis Megaways.


Select a Casino

Start by choosing a reliable online casino that hosts Atlantis Megaways.


Access and Bet

Once you've launched the game, decide on your preferred bet size. While the game employs the Megaways system, you can still adjust your overall bet amount.


Hit Spin

When you're ready, click the spin button to set the reels in motion.


Symbol Mastery

Familiarize yourself with the game's symbols. From vibrant fish to hidden treasures, matching these icons on active paylines is the key to fetching rewards.


Bonus Bonanza

Atlantis Megaways isn't just about spinning reels. Engage with its bonus features like free spins or the pick-and-click game to amplify the excitement and potential wins.


Understanding Payouts

Wins are determined based on your chosen coin size and overall bet. Naturally, the higher the bet, the more substantial the potential reward.


Megaways Mechanism

The game's standout feature is its Megaways engine. With this, each spin can have varying paylines, maxing out at an impressive 117,649 ways to win.


Risk and Reward

As a high variance game, Atlantis Megaways leans towards delivering more significant but less frequent payouts. Ensure this gaming style aligns with your preference before diving in.

Graphics, Animations, and Sounds of Atlantis Megaways

Atlantis Megaways is not just a game; it's an experience. This captivating slot by Yggdrasil Gaming beautifully combines visual appeal with aural delight, ensuring players are fully immersed in the underwater world of Atlantis. Let's dive deeper into the mesmerizing aesthetics and audio features of the game.

Graphics and Animations

  • Underwater Splendor: Atlantis Megaways paints a vivid underwater world, detailed to perfection, capturing the mystique of the lost city.
  • Detailed Imagery: Players will be entranced by the intricate design of the game symbols, from diverse fish species to curious sea creatures and gleaming treasure chests.
  • Fluidity in Motion: The animations in Atlantis Megaways are seamlessly executed, further elevating the gaming experience and keeping players on the edge of their seats.
  • Megaways Magic: The game's Megaways engine adds a dynamic visual element, with changing paylines offering a fresh perspective with every spin.


  • Melodic Depths: The background score and sound effects resonate with the deep-sea theme, inducing a calm and soothing ambiance.
  • Engaging Effects: Each spin, win, and bonus feature is accentuated by meticulously designed sound effects, ensuring that players are audibly engaged at every twist and turn.
  • Bonus Beats: Special in-game features like free spins and the pick-and-click game are accompanied by distinct soundtracks, heightening the thrill of potential big wins.

Betting Dynamics

RTP (Return To Player):

  • Atlantis Megaways boasts an RTP of 96.10%, positioning it in the average to high range in comparison to other slot games.


  • The game leans towards a medium to high variance. This means players might experience fewer but more substantial wins, which might not cater to everyone's gaming preference.

Bet Sizes:

  • Diverse Betting Options: Players can tailor their bets according to their budget, providing flexibility in game play.
  • Potential for Massive Wins: With the possibility of raking in up to 8,641 times the initial bet, players stand a chance to swim away with significant rewards.


  • Reward Structure: The payouts hinge on the coin size selected by the player and the overall bet amount. A higher bet could pave the way for grander payouts.


What is the central theme of ATLANTIS MEGAWAYS?

ATLANTIS MEGAWAYS is deeply rooted in an underwater theme, shedding light on the enigmatic lost city of Atlantis. Players can expect meticulously crafted graphics and symbols ranging from diverse fish species to sea creatures and treasured chests.

Can you elaborate on the bonus features in the game?

Certainly! The game is laden with thrilling bonus features such as free spins and an engaging pick-and-click game. Additionally, the inclusion of the Megaways engine gives the gameplay a dynamic edge, where the number of paylines can fluctuate with every spin, enhancing winning opportunities.

Could you specify the game's variance?

The game operates on a medium to high variance scale. This translates to the potential for bigger wins but perhaps less frequently, which might cater to the preferences of some players more than others.

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling