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Atlantean GigaRise

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Apr 22, 2021
  • Volatility 42
  • RTP 96%
  • Max win €174,800
  • Number of lines Up to 32,768

Adventure awaits beneath the waves when Yggdrasil Gaming's innovative new Atlantean GigaRise online slot expands its reels for colossal winning potential. This 5-reel video slot starts underwater before rising up across 6 rows, unlocking an epic 32,768 ways to win. With the April 22nd 2021 release boasting an RTP of 96%, high 42 volatility and max win of €174,800, payouts promise to be bountiful in the fabled ruins of Atlantis. Watch as schools of fish and other oceanic treasures line up across expanding reels. Enter the Temple of Poseidon to activate Tidal Respins and see waves of wilds crash in. Take your luck to Neptune's Free Games for up to 20 spins aided by the sea god himself. Atlantean GigaRise takes players on an underwater quest for treasure as reels dynamically rise up to reveal sunken fortunes. Dive down and discover what epic prizes await beneath the waves!

Theme and Storyline of Atlantean GigaRise

Discovering Atlantis: The Theme

Atlantean GigaRise takes players on an exhilarating dive into the deep, mythical waters of the lost city of Atlantis. The game skillfully paints a world where ancient mythology meets the excitement of modern-day slots.

Key Theme Highlights:

  • An enchanting underwater setting, embodying the fabled city of Atlantis.
  • Richly detailed symbols that evoke the lore and grandeur of the sunken city.
  • A harmonious blend of history, fantasy, and slot gaming adventure.

Narrative Through Symbols: The Storyline

The symbols in Atlantean GigaRise are more than just icons; they are storytellers, weaving the rich tapestry of the Atlantean legends. At the heart of the narrative is the golden trident - not only a beacon of vast rewards but also the key to unlock the game's captivating bonus realms.

Key Storyline Elements:

  • The commanding golden trident, a dual symbol of wealth and bonus features.
  • Vibrant marine life, including graceful seahorses and mysterious octopuses.
  • Treasure chests and shimmering gemstones that hint at the opulence and mysteries of Atlantis.

The Pros and Cons of Atlantean GigaRise

Like every epic, this slot game too has its highs and lows. Let's explore the details to uncover what awaits players beneath the waves.


Pros icon

Majestic Theme

Atlantean GigaRise offers an unforgettable journey with its uniquely crafted underwater and mythological theme.

Pros icon

Expansive Gameplay

he expanding reels can amplify the thrill, increasing paylines up to an astonishing 32,768.

Pros icon

Jackpot Treasure

The GigaRise mechanic holds the key to the game's enticing progressive jackpot.

Pros icon

Generous Returns

With an RTP (Return to Player) standing at a commendable 96%, the game promises noteworthy rewards.

Pros icon

Bonus Abundance

Players can enjoy a treasure trove of bonuses, from the Respin feature to the Free Spins, each adding layers to the gameplay.


Cons icon

Rough Currents of Volatility

The game's high volatility means treasures are grand, but they might take time to find.

Cons icon

Lack of Novelty

Despite its mesmerizing theme, the game mechanics might seem familiar to seasoned players.

Cons icon

A Limit to Bets

High rollers might find the game's maximum bet size a bit limiting.

Cons icon

Risk of Infrequent Rewards

The game's volatility might not be in favor of those seeking frequent, yet smaller treasures.

How to Play Atlantean GigaRise

Dive deep into the captivating realm of Atlantis with Atlantean GigaRise, a slot game that promises not only enthralling visuals but also a gameplay experience like no other. Before you embark on this underwater adventure, here's a blueprint to guide you through the sunken city:


Pick Your Portal

Start by selecting a trusted online casino that features the game. Yggdrasil Gaming's website boasts a list of endorsed casinos for your convenience.


Begin the Adventure

Once you've chosen your casino, set up an account and deposit funds if needed.


Discover the Game

Navigate the casino's game library and hunt for Atlantean GigaRise. It might be nestled under the "slots" or "casino games" categories.


Dive In

Tap or click on the game, and it will promptly launch in your preferred browser or through the casino's app.


Set Your Stakes

Decide on your bet size. Remember, the minimum entry ticket to the underwater kingdom of Atlantean GigaRise stands at 0.20.


Understand the Layout

The game unfolds on a 5-column, 3-row panel, with victories awarded when three or more matching symbols emerge on the grid.


Chase the Treasure

Keep an eye out for the GigaRise mechanic; it's your key to unlocking the coveted progressive jackpot.


Expanding Horizons

Atlantean GigaRise's unique expanding reels can amplify the number of paylines, taking them up to a whopping 32,768.


Wild Waves

If a wild symbol graces your reels, prepare for the Respin feature. The wild will then expand, dominating an entire reel, and trigger a respin, holding its position.


Unlock the Secrets

The enigmatic Free Spins feature is unleashed when you land three or more scatter symbols, blessing you with up to 20 free spins, and the chance to gather even more.

Sounds and Visuals of Atlantean GigaRise

While the search results might not have been immediately revealing, other reliable sources have pulled back the curtain on the enchanting Graphics/Animations and Sounds of "Atlantean GigaRise" by Yggdrasil Gaming. Here's a peek into this underwater realm:


Graphics and Animations

  • Submerged in Beauty: Atlantean GigaRise transports players into a meticulously crafted underwater realm, with its impressive graphics and animations.
  • Atlantis Beckons: The game's backdrop immerses players in the long-lost city of Atlantis, a mythical hub submerged deep within the ocean's embrace.
  • Myth Meets Art: Every symbol, from tridents and marine creatures to gleaming treasure chests, reflects a keen attention to detail, echoing tales of old.
  • Vivid Victories: When players score, the winning symbols not only come alive but may even burst into vibrant animations, enhancing the thrill.

Sounds of Atlantean GigaRise

  • Melodies from the Deep: The game's soundtrack resonates with the allure of the deep, with each tune and underwater sound effect crafted to heighten the experience.
  • Echos of Mythology: Sound effects are perfectly in sync with the game's theme, from the gurgling of bubbles to the whispered legends of sea creatures and the allure of hidden treasures.
  • Triumphant Tunes: Victories in the game aren't just visually rewarding; they come with their unique sound effects that amplify the joy of winning.
  • Bonus Beats: Signature features like the GigaRise mechanic are complemented with distinct sound effects, ensuring players are fully immersed in every twist and turn.

Atlantean GigaRise's Betting Dynamics

Bet Sizes of Atlantean GigaRise

  • Flexible Wagering: Atlantean GigaRise caters to a diverse range of players by offering a broad spectrum of bet sizes.
  • Minimums and Maximums: Players can start their underwater adventure with a minimum bet of just 20 c and can go all out with wagers up to €40 per spin.

RTP (Return to Player) and Variance

  • Generous Returns: With a commendable RTP of 96%, Atlantean GigaRise ensures players have a solid chance of reaping rewards.
  • High-Risk, High-Reward: Being a high-volatility game, Atlantean GigaRise promises potentially large payouts, albeit less frequently.
  • Expansive Gameplay: The game's expanding reels can escalate the number of paylines to an astonishing 32,768, amplifying the game's high-variance nature.
  • GigaRise Magic: The exclusive GigaRise mechanic not only ups the ante in terms of volatility but also paves the way for colossal jackpot wins.


What exactly is Atlantean GigaRise by Yggdrasil Gaming?

Atlantean GigaRise is a captivating slot game crafted by Yggdrasil Gaming. It transports players to the mystical realm of Atlantis, submerged deep beneath the waters. Players can expect to be mesmerized by its top-notch graphics, captivating animations, and a myriad of unique auditory experiences, all of which collectively elevate the gaming experience.

How big can I win with Atlantean GigaRise?

Atlantean GigaRise does not have a set maximum payout, as it's intertwined with the progressive jackpot. Nonetheless, the game is designed to cater to a wide range of players, offering varied bet sizes. Players can venture as low as 20c or raise the stakes to €40 for each spin.

Is it possible to play Atlantean GigaRise without betting real money?

Yes, indeed! A plethora of casinos present players with a free demo version of Atlantean GigaRise. This demo mode is perfect for players eager to familiarize themselves with the game's mechanics and special features without the commitment of real money.

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling