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Ancient Eclipse

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Apr 5, 2021
  • Volatility High
  • RTP 96.64%
  • Max win €587,200
  • Number of lines 50

Theme and Variance


"Ancient Eclipse" transports players into the heart of the Mayan civilization, surrounded by lush jungles and majestic temples. Every symbol, etched into stone, tells a tale from this ancient era. The interplay of the moon and sun on the reels captures the celestial wonders that were pivotal to the Mayan way of life.


When we talk about the variance in slot games, we're discussing the game's risk level. For "Ancient Eclipse," the variance sits comfortably in the middle. This means players won't be waiting ages for a win, but they also won't just get tiny payouts. It's a mix of frequent moderate wins with the occasional big prize thrown in. So, if you're someone who enjoys a balanced slot experience, with both thrills and consistent rewards, "Ancient Eclipse" is right up your alley.

How to Play Ancient Eclipse Slot

Embarking on a journey through the Ancient Eclipse slot by Yggdrasil Gaming is an experience like no other, with its mesmerizing visuals and captivating features. Here's a simplified guide to help you navigate this Mayan-themed wonder:


Setting Your Bet

  • Decide on your wager: Initiate your gameplay by deciding the amount you want to bet.
  • Adjusting the bet: Use the plus and minus buttons on your screen to increase or decrease your chosen bet size.

Getting the Reels Rolling

  • Simply hit the spin button. The reels will swirl, and symbols will be presented at random.

Key Symbols to Watch

  • Moon Symbols: These unique symbols possess the power to morph positions into sun frames.
  • Sun Symbols: The magic unfolds when moon and sun frames merge. They conjure eclipses, which bring along sun wilds that gracefully dance across the reels.

Dive into Special Features

  • Wild Eclipses bonus feature: Keep an eye out for this; it can spontaneously activate during your standard gameplay, and if fortune favors you, grand payouts could be in store.
  • Free Spins Feature: Landing three or more scatter symbols is your golden ticket to this feature. You'll kick off with a bundle of 10 free spins, with the possibility of retriggers.
  • Harvesting Sun Symbols: As you indulge in the free spins round, each sun symbol you encounter gets stored. Accumulating these can cascade into hefty rewards at the climax of the feature.

Revel in the Sensory Feast

With every spin, be prepared to be wooed by the game's impeccable graphics, set against a backdrop of intricately carved stones. Smooth animations breathe life into your gameplay, making every moment memorable. And as you navigate through the Mayan jungles, the game envelopes you in authentic jungle sounds, harmoniously blended with tribal melodies.

Ancient Eclipse Slot Pros and Cons

Based on comprehensive research, below are the pros and cons of the Ancient Eclipse slot by Yggdrasil Gaming:


Pros icon

Generous Wins

It offers a commendable top win for a game with medium variance.

Pros icon

Recurring Free Spins

The free spins feature is not only appealing but also easy to retrigger, allowing for prolonged gameplay.

Pros icon

Jackpot Feature

Besides the regular wins, players have the added excitement of a jackpot feature to look forward to.

Pros icon

Stellar Theme

The game stands out with its exquisite Mayan-inspired theme, creating an immersive gaming experience.

Pros icon

Well-Balanced Volatility

The volatility is well-tuned, striking a good balance for different player preferences.

Pros icon

All-round Player Friendly

With its betting options, a decent RTP, and medium variance, it appeals to a broad spectrum of players, catering to varying bankrolls and risk appetites.


Cons icon

Missing Progressive Jackpot

The game falls short for those seeking the thrills of a progressive jackpot.

Cons icon

Initial Complexity

New players might find the gameplay a tad intricate, requiring some time to familiarize.

Cons icon

Potential Payout Discrepancies

Some players might feel the payouts are not as generous as they would anticipate, especially given the game's features and hype.


What is the central theme of Ancient Eclipse by Yggdrasil Gaming?

The central theme of Ancient Eclipse is deeply rooted in the Mayan civilization. Players are immersed in an ancient world where beliefs about solar eclipses come alive. The setting, dominated by carved stone icons and a backdrop of a dense jungle, adds to the mystery and allure. The sounds of the game further immerse players with echoes of eclipses and the clinking of coins when wins are achieved.

How would you describe the variance of Ancient Eclipse, and what does it mean for players?

Ancient Eclipse boasts a medium variance. Practically speaking, this means that gamers may anticipate a fair gaming experience. Instead of extreme highs and lows, the game provides a mix of smaller, more frequent wins and the occasional larger payout. It's ideal for players who appreciate steady gameplay without excessively long droughts between significant wins.

Does the theme of Ancient Eclipse tie into its features?

Absolutely! The Mayan theme centered around the celestial phenomena of eclipses is not just a backdrop. This is evident in its main feature where the interplay between the moon and sun symbols can cause eclipses, resulting in waves of wild symbols. This celestial dance can even spark the Wild Eclipses bonus, amplifying the game's central theme. The free spins feature, which can be easily retriggered, also allows players to collect sun symbols, leading to rewarding payouts and underscoring the game's theme.

Delving into the Wilds, Bonuses, and Free Spins

For slot enthusiasts on the lookout for a game rich in features and excitement, Ancient Eclipse by Yggdrasil Gaming doesn't disappoint. Let's take a detailed look at the elements that make this game truly stand out:


  • Moon Magic: Within the game, the moon symbols have a special allure as they hold the power to transform their positions into intriguing sun frames.
  • Eclipse Formation: The real spectacle is when the moon and sun frames join forces. This union spawns eclipses, bringing with them sun wilds that gracefully cascade across the reels, maximizing winning potential.


  • Wild Eclipses Feature: A tantalizing feature that can spontaneously spring to life during your regular gameplay, this bonus can steer the player towards substantial rewards.
  • Eclipse Mechanics: As part of this bonus feature, the sun and moon symbols on the reels come together, creating the captivating eclipses, which then unleash sun wilds in a sweeping motion across the reels.

Free Spins

  • Unlocking the Feature: The key to the free spins kingdom lies in landing three or more scatter symbols on the reels. Once achieved, the game sets you off on a spree of 10 free spins, with opportunities for retriggers along the way.
  • Moon’s Bounty: Throughout the free spins round, every appearance of a moon symbol bestows a cash prize upon the player, enhancing the rewards manifold.
  • Sun Collection: An intriguing aspect of the free spins feature is the collection of sun symbols. As they accumulate, they hold the promise of unveiling sizeable payouts as the feature concludes.

Ancient Eclipse Review

Embark on a mystical journey into the ancient Mayan civilization with Ancient Eclipse, a captivating slot offering from Yggdrasil Gaming. This game, imbued with intricate Mayan designs, comes with 5 reels and a generous 50 paylines, ensuring ample chances for rewarding gameplay.

Graphics, Sounds, and Animations Review


  • Modern & Detailed: Ancient Eclipse showcases state-of-the-art graphics with vibrant hues and intricately designed icons beautifully embedded on carved stone backdrops.
  • Mayan-inspired Aesthetics: The game seamlessly weaves the mysterious allure of the Mayan civilization. As you spin, you're treated to an enchanting view of a thick, thriving jungle in the backdrop, making the gaming experience deeply atmospheric.


  • Immersive Audio: The sound design in Ancient Eclipse is nothing short of captivating. Players are wrapped in a cocoon of ambient jungle sounds intertwined with entrancing tribal rhythms, creating a complete sensory immersion.
  • Relevant Sound Effects: Beyond the background music, every action on the reels is accompanied by meticulously crafted sound effects. From the celestial hum of eclipses to the delightful clink of coins signaling a win, the audio details are a testament to Yggdrasil Gaming's attention to detail.


  • Fluid Motion: The game ensures players have a seamless visual journey with its buttery smooth animations. These not only add depth to the gameplay but also elevate the overall game aesthetics, ensuring players are always visually engaged.

Ancient Eclipse by Yggdrasil Gaming stands as a stellar representation of what contemporary slot gaming should be - a harmonious blend of compelling graphics, enveloping sounds, and fluid animations, all converging to offer players an unforgettable gaming voyage

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling