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  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Jan 24, 2017
  • Volatility Medium
  • RTP 96.1%
  • Max win €1,500,000
  • Number of lines 30+30 (win both ways)

Alchymedes by Yggdrasil Gaming

Explore the magical realm of "Alchymedes," a mesmerizing slot game brought to life by the creative minds at Yggdrasil Gaming. Picture yourself in an ancient alchemist's lab, surrounded by mysterious potions, shimmering vials, and the thrill of potential big wins. If you're contemplating a spin or just curious about what makes this game unique, you're in the right place. Our review will shed light on its captivating graphics, standout features, and tips for play. Whether you're a slot enthusiast or new to the game, we've got the insights to elevate your gaming journey.

Pros and Cons of "Alchymedes" by Yggdrasil Gaming

Before you embark on this alchemical adventure, let's weigh its magical ingredients against its limitations.


Pros icon

Stunning Visuals

As with many of Yggdrasil Gaming's creations, "Alchymedes" boasts impeccable graphics that transport players straight into the world of alchemy.

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Captivating Audio

The game immerses players not just visually, but audibly too, with its soothing sounds that accompany the gameplay.

Pros icon

Impressive Payout Rate

Offering a generous payout rate of 96.1%, this low-volatility game still presents an appealing chance to secure some wins.

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Advanced Gaming Tech

The inclusion of iSENSE 2.0 technology ensures a seamless gaming experience, combining high performance, an intuitive design, and top-notch visual effects.

Pros icon

Helpful Features

The game's "Boost" suite proves to be a beneficial addition, enhancing the gameplay experience.


Cons icon

Low Volatility

While this may mean steadier, smaller wins, players might miss the thrill of larger, less frequent jackpots that come with high-volatility games.

Cons icon

Limited Bonus Features

Those who revel in free spins and diverse bonus rounds might find "Alchymedes" a bit lacking in this department.

Cons icon

Tame for Thrill-Seekers

Players seeking high-adrenaline action might find the game's pace a tad too relaxed.

Theme and Storyline of Alchymedes

Alchymedes by Yggdrasil Gaming plunges players deep into the enchanting realm of alchemy. Set in a mysterious lab adorned with spellbooks, beakers, and arcane tools, the game's theme beautifully encapsulates the age-old quest of transforming ordinary metals into precious gold. The symbols, featuring vibrant flasks, precise scales, and mystical potions, transport players to a world where magic meets science. While the game doesn't follow a linear narrative, its essence revolves around the allure of alchemy and the secrets it holds. Enhanced by Yggdrasil's cutting-edge iSENSE 2.0 technology and the innovative Boost suite, every spin in "Alchymedes" promises a potion-filled adventure

How to Play Alchymedes Online

Dive into the mystical world of alchemy with "Alchymedes" by Yggdrasil Gaming. Here's a quick guide to get you started:


Determine Your Bet

Easily set your desired bet amount by clicking the +/- buttons.


Kick-off Your Adventure

Press the spin button to set the reels in motion.


Know Your Symbols

For a rundown on symbol values, access the paytable. This will show you the worth of each symbol and help you recognize the most valuable ones.


Harness Alchemical Powers

Keep an eye out for wilds, bonuses, and free spins. These can magically increase your chances of crafting a winning potion.


Immerse Yourself

Revel in the game's enchanting alchemy theme, ensuring a spellbinding experience from start to finish.

Thinking of a practice run first? No worries. SlotWinny and many online platforms offer a free demo of Alchymedes, letting you hone your skills before diving into the real action.

Alchymedes Sound an Graphics

Explore the alchemical realm with "Alchymedes" by Yggdrasil Gaming, where every visual and auditory detail is designed to enchant. Here's what makes this slot experience so captivating:


  • The backdrop is a mystical chamber, bursting with alchemy essentials: from bubbling potions to age-old books.
  • Every symbol, be it a delicate flask or precise scales, echoes the rich alchemical theme.
  • Players are treated to crisp graphics, enriched with interactive animations that enhance the atmosphere and allure of the game.


  • An ambient soundtrack envelops the player, perfectly tuned to the game's magical aura.
  • Each win is celebrated with delightful chimes and jingles, making every victory that bit sweeter.
  • These layered sound effects don't just sound great; they pull you deeper into the game's enchanting world.


  • The fluidity of the game's animations is noteworthy, making every spin and symbol transition silky smooth.
  • As players uncover special game features, they're treated to spellbinding animations that only elevate the excitement.
  • With the integration of Yggdrasil's unique iSENSE 2.0 technology and Boost suite, animations pop and dazzle, creating a truly immersive experience.

RTP and Bets

Let's delve into the game's bet sizes, its return to player (RTP), and its variance:

Bet Sizes

  • In "Alchymedes," players have the flexibility to tailor their bets, ensuring the gaming experience aligns with their budget and strategy.
  • A nifty feature? The game remembers your level progression for each bet size. So, if you decide to switch things up, you can seamlessly return to your previous bet and pick up right where you left off.


  • Boasting an RTP of 96.1%, "Alchymedes" sits comfortably above many other slots in its category.
  • What does this mean for players? While the game is low in volatility, they can anticipate regular, albeit smaller, payouts.


  • As a low-volatility game, "Alchymedes" might not offer wins as frequently as its high-volatility counterparts.
  • However, don't be too quick to judge! This game hides a tantalizing maximum jackpot, ensuring that the potential for sizable wins is always in the cards.


What's the backdrop and inspiration behind Alchymedes?

"Alchymedes" immerses players in the mystical realm of alchemy. The setting is a magical chamber adorned with alchemical artifacts like potions, tomes, and other mystical paraphernalia. As for the symbols, you'll encounter flasks, scales, and a myriad of concoctions, all contributing to the game's rich atmosphere. And let's not forget the sleek graphics and responsive animations that make the game a visual treat!

How often can I expect to win in Alchymedes? Any chance for some big payouts?

Well, "Alchymedes" leans towards being a low-volatility game. So while you might find wins happening more sporadically compared to high-volatility slots, the upside is the game boasts a generous jackpot! Plus, its 96.1% payout rate means that while wins might be modest, they'll come by fairly regularly.

Given its theme and win rate, would Alchymedes be an enjoyable slot game for me?

Absolutely! If you're captivated by themes of magic and mystique, "Alchymedes" is a delightful choice. Its graphics are top-notch, animations are fluid, and the alchemy-driven theme is a unique touch. The ability to modify your bet and having the game remember your level preference for each bet size further enhances the gameplay experience. It's not just about winning; it's about enjoying every spin!

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling