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9k Yeti

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Nov 14, 2022
  • Volatility High
  • RTP 97%
  • Bet €2 (min: €0.1, max: €25)
  • Hit frequency 19.2%
  • Max win €225,300
  • Max multiplier X 9,012
  • Number of reels 6
  • Number of rows 4

Embark on a chilling adventure to the peaks of the Himalayas with "9k Yeti" by Yggdrasil Gaming. In our comprehensive review, we'll guide you through icy reels, elusive Yetis, and the potential for towering wins. Get ready to uncover the mysteries of this slot game, where snowy landscapes meet cutting-edge gaming technology. Dive in to discover if the legend of the Yeti holds not only intriguing stories but rewarding treasures too!

Scaling the Heights of 9k Yeti: The Peaks and Valleys

9k Yeti" by Yggdrasil Gaming is a slot game that takes players on an icy adventure to the peaks of Mount Everest. As with every game, it has its strengths and areas of contention. Here's a breakdown of its pros and cons


Pros icon

Generous Payout Rate

With a standout RTP of 97%, this game offers one of the higher payout rates in the slot game arena.

Pros icon

Distinctive Theme

Venturing to Mount Everest, players will encounter a mysterious snowman, providing an unusual and exciting theme.

Pros icon

Ample Paylines

With a staggering 4096 paylines, there's no shortage of opportunities for players to land winning combinations.

Pros icon

Diverse Features

From the captivating free spins and snowstorm feature to the guaranteed wins, players are in for an engaging experience. Plus, there's the enticing possibility of snagging a maximum payout of 9000x the bet size.


Cons icon

Limited Bet Size

For those who enjoy placing larger bets, the game's capped bet size might come off as restrictive.

Cons icon

Modern Design

Players with a liking for the nostalgia of classic slot designs might find this game's aesthetics not to their taste.

Cons icon

Theme Specificity

The snowman-centric theme, while unique, may not resonate with every player.

Mysteries of Mount Everest: The Legend of the 9k Yeti

Venturing into the heart of the Himalayas, Yggdrasil Gaming introduces players to a legendary creature believed to reside in its cold, inhospitable peaks. Dive into the chilling allure of "9k Yeti".


Beneath the shadow of the tallest mountain, Mount Everest, lurks the mythical Yeti. With every spin, players get a glimpse into this world of folklore and mystery. Symbols like hardened climbers, their campsites marked by tents, and delicate snowflakes adorn the reels. The icy blue palette, paired with modern graphics, ensures that players are swept away by a chilling breeze of excitement with each game session.


While "9k Yeti" does not take players on a linear narrative journey, the thematic essence revolves around this elusive snowman. The pursuit? Massive wins amidst snow-capped peaks. As players chase the legend, they encounter a plethora of features resonating with the Yeti mythos, aiming to unlock combinations and initiate thrilling bonuses. From the swirling snowstorm feature to the promise of guaranteed wins, the pinnacle of rewards is a staggering 9000x bet payout.

Embark on a Frosty Expedition: Mastering the 9k Yeti Slot

Ready to confront the mythical creature of the snowy peaks? Before you journey through the icy realm of "9k Yeti", ensure you're well-equipped with the knowledge on how to play:


Choose a casino

Begin by selecting an online casino that hosts the 9k Yeti slot by Yggdrasil Gaming.


Set your bet size

Personalize your game by adjusting your bet using the +/- buttons. Whether you're cautious or a high roller, tailor the game to your preference.


Spin the reels

Once satisfied, initiate your expedition by hitting the spin button.


Check the paytable

For a detailed insight into potential rewards, glance over the paytable. It reveals all symbol payouts that can lead you to treasures.


Look out for special features

Beyond the base game, 9k Yeti hides several secrets like free spins, the mesmerizing snowstorm feature, guaranteed wins, and the pinnacle reward of a 9000x bet size payout.


Enjoy the game

As you set forth, remember that the 9k Yeti slot is not just about winning, but also experiencing an icy narrative-filled adventure.

Mastering the Slopes: A Guide to 9k Yeti's Betting Dynamics

If you're looking to embark on a legendary journey with 9k Yeti by Yggdrasil Gaming, understanding the game's financial dynamics is crucial. Let's unpack the essential aspects of this slot:

Bet Sizes

  • Personalized Betting: Players have the freedom to adjust their bet size seamlessly with the +/- buttons.
  • Broad Betting Spectrum: Depending on the hosting casino, the game accepts bets ranging from as low as 0.10 right up to 25.

RTP & Variance

  • Favorable RTP: Standing at a robust 97%, 9k Yeti offers one of the more generous RTPs in the slot realm, translating to consistent, smaller payouts for its players.
  • The Variance Factor: 9k Yeti falls into the high variance category, indicating rarer wins but with a punch. The tantalizing maximum payout of 9000x the bet size is hard to overlook.
  • Abundant Paylines: With a massive 4096 paylines on offer, players have an array of avenues to carve out winning combinations.


How significant is the potential payout in 9k Yeti?

The maximum payout players can expect in 9k Yeti is a whopping 9000x their bet size. Given its high variance nature and a generous offering of 4096 paylines, players stand multiple opportunities to strike winning combinations and enjoy the game's various features.

What's the game variance in 9k Yeti? Is it high?

Indeed, 9k Yeti is classified as a high variance slot game. This implies that wins might be less frequent compared to a low-volatility game. But, there's a silver lining - the potential maximum payout is an enticing 9000x the bet size. To enhance the gameplay, 9k Yeti is equipped with several beneficial features, such as free spins, the snowstorm feature, and guaranteed wins.

Is there an option to play 9k Yeti without wagering real money?

Absolutely! Players can indulge in 9k Yeti for free across several online casino platforms. This free mode allows players to acquaint themselves with the game dynamics, rules, and features without committing real money, ensuring they're fully prepped when they decide to place actual bets.

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling