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60 Second Heist

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Feb 24, 2022
  • Volatility High
  • RTP 96%
  • Max win €1,200,000
  • Number of lines 1,024

Get ready for the heist of a lifetime in 60 Second Heist, Yggdrasil Gaming's action-packed slot that puts you at the center of a daring casino robbery. With 5 reels, 20 paylines and a thrilling cops and robbers theme, this game will get your adrenaline pumping with each spin. Rack up cash on the reels while you unlock briefcase bonuses and grab the loot before the alarm sounds. With Expanding Wilds to boost your wins during regular play and up to 16 Free Spins when the diamond scatter lands, each second counts in this immersive real-time slot. Will you crack the vault before time runs out? Strap in for an exhilarating casino heist and find out if you can make a clean 60 second getaway!

A Quick Dive into its Highs and Lows

While its unique features are a major draw, it's only fair to highlight the areas where the game might not shine as brightly. Let's delve into what makes this game a hit for some and a miss for others.


Pros icon

Fresh Gameplay

One of the standout features of "60 Second Heist" is its unique gameplay approach, ensuring players get a different experience.

Pros icon

Win Time Free Spins

This bonus round keeps you on your toes! You can spin until the clock runs out, upping the excitement factor.

Pros icon

Increasing Multipliers

The more you play, the higher your win multiplier goes. This escalation boosts the thrill and potential rewards.

Pros icon

Appealing Design

The cartoonish heist theme is not just playful but is also visually enchanting, enriching the gaming atmosphere.


Cons icon

RTP Mystery

Unfortunately, a clear RTP isn't provided on Yggdrasil Gaming's official site or elsewhere, leaving players somewhat in the dark.

Cons icon

Not for Traditionalists

Those who have a soft spot for classic slot games might find "60 Second Heist" a tad out of their comfort zone.

Cons icon

Bonus Round Concerns

The Win Time Free Spins might not always be as rewarding as one would hope, especially when compared to other slot game bonuses.

Cracking the Vault in 60 Seconds Flat

Yggdrasil Gaming's 60 Second Heist takes slots players on an exhilarating casino heist packed with action and suspense. Let's look at how this real-time game leverages its cops and robbers concept to deliver a captivating experience.

Slot Theme

The bright, cartoony visuals and upbeat music create a lighthearted slots adventure perfect for some harmless fun. As the vault wheels spin and alarms sound, vibrant graphics put you right in the middle of the heist as you try cracking safes against the clock.

The expanding wilds act as your trusty safecracking tools, helping you unlock big wins faster. Scatter symbols represent prized briefcases, awarding instant cash prizes for big scores. The overall design choices complement the real-time format for an all-around thrilling slots experience.


In 60 Second Heist, you take on the role of an intrepid thief with just 60 seconds to pull off the ultimate casino heist. Time is ticking as you attempt to crack open vaults overflowing with cash, all while dodging alarms and security guards.

The high-pressure scenario transforms every spin into a daring adventure. Do you push your luck to maximize your loot, or make a run for it? Free spins give you extra time to fill your briefcase, but even then the countdown is always lurking. That ticking clock builds suspense, making 60 Second Heist a slots storyline you won't soon forget.

Your Guide to the 60 Second Heist Slot!

Every spin is a race against time, with a 60-second countdown adding a rush of adrenaline as you attempt to outwit the casino's defenses. Ready to plan your strategy? Here's how:


Know Your Objective

Your mission? Crack open vaults and snatch up those briefcase scatters for instant cash before the sirens wail. Watch the ticking timer – it starts at 60 seconds, dwindling down with every spin.


Utilize the Expanding Wilds

These wild symbols aren't just ordinary – they expand, giving you a better chance to breach those vaults swiftly. The more wilds you secure, the more spots they'll occupy in your next spin.


Briefcase Bonanza

Spotting 3 or more briefcase scatters? That’s money in the bank! These briefcases don’t just look good; they're packed with instant cash to boost your stash.


The Diamond's Shine Can be Yours

Land 3 or more sparkling diamond scatters to activate the Win Time free spins. This reward bestows 5 to 16 additional spins upon you, and the good news? The countdown clock generously extends its timer.


Grand Safe – The Ultimate Prize

Strategically spinning can help you unlock the Grand Safe, right in the center of the game. Get it on the last reel during your free spins, and you've hit the jackpot – the slot’s maximum payout!


The Clock's Ticking But There's Still Hope

Don't fret if time's almost up; you can always re-trigger those free spins and keep plundering the safes.

Vibrant Visuals and Sounds for the Ultimate Heist

60 Second Heist by Yggdrasil Gaming pulls players into an exciting cops and robbers world through top-notch graphics, sounds and animations. Let's look at how they all come together to create an immersive slots experience:


Cartoonish graphics in bright and bold colors vividly bring the casino heist theme to life. Symbols like loot bags, alarms, safes and bank vaults are depicted in crisp detail. The main character cracks vaults with various animated tools, and expanding wilds cover the reels in dramatic fashion. Even small touches like flashing lights and warning signs ramp up the action.


Upbeat, fast-paced music creates tension and urgency as you try cracking vaults on the clock. Ticking sounds builds suspense as the timer counts down. Alarms blare and vaults creak open with robust sound effects to keep you engaged. Winning spins are punctuated by the brrrring of cash registers as you secure your loot.


Animations make the gameplay feel dynamic and exciting. The bandit protagonist swings sledgehammers or twists drill bits to open spinning vaults. Briefcases fly open as cash bursts out. Safes shake and spin until they finally crack open. Expanding wilds rush to fill slots on the grid. All these smooth animations bring 60 Second Heist to life.

With stellar graphics, immersive sounds and captivating animations, Yggdrasil Gaming creates a heist world that leaps off the screen. These production values let players fully immerse themselves in trying to pull off the perfect crime in just 60 seconds.

Wagering for Big Wins in this High Variance Heist

60 Second Heist offers players plenty of betting flexibility along with the potential for huge payouts. Here's a look at the wagering details and variance you'll encounter in this real-time slot:

Bet Sizes

You can play 60 Second Heist with bets ranging from $0.20 to $100 per spin. This accommodates low rollers up to high rollers looking for maximum action during the heist. The wide betting range lets players find the wager amount they're comfortable with.


The published return-to-player percentage for 60 Second Heist is 96%. This means over time, the game is designed to pay back about 96 cents for every $1 wagered. It's on par with slots industry averages, giving you a fair chance to come out ahead.


As a high volatility game, 60 Second Heist may provide fewer small wins compared to a low variance slot. However, the potential maximum payout of $1,200,000 creates the upside for some enormous heist hauls. With 1024 paylines, you have ample chances to unlock briefcases full of cash.


How do I win the max payout in 60 Second Heist?

The key to hitting the maximum payout of up to €1,200,000 is to unlock the Grand Safe on the last reel during the Win Time free spins feature. With each spin during the bonus round, your multiplier increases to dramatically boost your prizes. The longer you can keep retriggering free spins, the higher your multiplier goes for huge potential payouts from the Grand Safe.

What is the RTP for 60 Second Heist?

The published return-to-player (RTP) percentage for 60 Second Heist is 96%. This means that for every €100 wagered on the game, €96 is paid back to players over time. This RTP is on par with industry averages but the high variance means you could experience long dry spells before hitting a big win.

Why does the timer matter in 60 Second Heist?

The 60 second timer is what makes this slot truly unique. It adds excitement by putting you on the clock to crack open as many vaults and grab briefcase scatters as you can before time expires. The timer also limits how long you can keep retriggering free spins and building up your multiplier during the bonus round. Racing against the clock ramps up both the fun and the tension!

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling