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3 Lucky Witches

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Oct 17, 2023
  • Volatility Medium-High
  • RTP 96%
  • Bet €1 (min: €0.10, max: €30)
  • Max win €165,000
  • Max multiplier X 5,500
  • Number of reels 5
  • Number of rows 3

3 Lucky Witches

Ever dreamed of mixing potions or casting spells? With "3 Lucky Witches" by Yggdrasil Gaming, you're in for a whimsical ride! Join our trio of charming witches as they guide you through a magical slot experience filled with delightful surprises. From dancing broomsticks to bubbling cauldrons, there's a sprinkle of magic in every spin.

Slot Analysis: 3 Lucky Witches

For those who are fascinated by the world of witchcraft and the arcane, "3 Lucky Witches" by Yggdrasil Gaming provides an enticing slot experience. While it boasts enchanting visuals and unique features, every game has its highs and lows. Let's dive into the details:


Pros icon

Captivating Theme

With intriguing symbols like witches, magical potions, and ancient spell books, the game sets the tone for a mystical journey.

Pros icon

Solid Returns

With a 96.5% RTP and medium volatility, players have a decent shot at regular payouts.

Pros icon

Variety of Bonus Features

From the exhilaration of free spins to the thrill of multipliers and an interactive pick-and-click game, players are always on the edge of their seats.

Pros icon

Stunning Visuals

The attention to detail in graphics and animations is noteworthy, elevating the gaming experience.


Cons icon

Max Payout Concerns

A maximum payout capped at 250x the bet may not be as alluring for high-rollers or those chasing mega wins.

Cons icon

Elusive Bonus Features

It's possible players might find it challenging to unlock the game's bonus features, which could result in stretches without significant wins.

Cons icon

Theme Limitations

The theme, while beautifully crafted, might not resonate with everyone, particularly those not intrigued by mystical or witchcraft themes.

How to Play 3 Lucky Witches: A Simple Guide

If you're new to this slot or need a quick refresher on how to get started, follow this easy guide:


Setting Your Bet

Before you start, decide on your stake. By clicking the coin symbol at the game's bottom, you can adjust your bet. Bets range from a minimum of €0.10 up to a maximum of €30.


Launching the Game

Hit the spin button to get the reels turning. With 5 reels and 20 pay lines, the opportunities for striking winning combinations are numerous.


Watch Out for Symbols

Pay close attention to the special symbols as they can amplify your gameplay. This includes the Witches' Wheel, the enigmatic Cauldron, and the game's emblem, the Lucky Witches logo.


Engage in Bonus Rounds

  • Witches' Wheel: Landing 3 or more Witches' Wheel symbols activates this feature. Spin the wheel for a chance to grab cash prizes, Win Spins, Mega Picks, or a mystery bonus.
  • Cauldron Feature: Secure 3 or more Cauldron symbols to enter this bonus round. Here, you're rewarded with free spins that come with potentially lucrative multipliers.
  • Lucky Witches Wild: The game's logo acts as the wild. It's a powerful symbol that can replace almost any other symbol, barring the bonus icons, to craft winning combinations.

Admire the Artistry

As you venture through the game, take a moment to appreciate the finely detailed graphics and smooth animations, which truly enhance the gaming experience.

A Dive into its Theme and Storyline

Dive into a universe brimming with mystique and allure as Yggdrasil Gaming unveils its spellbinding slot, "3 Lucky Witches". This game isn't just another slot; it's a mesmerizing journey through an enchanted forest, guided by the captivating presence of three distinct witches.

Nestled deep within a shadowy woodland, their quaint, mist-covered cottage sets the scene. Here, potions bubble, spellbooks whisper ancient secrets, and magical talismans glimmer with untapped power. Each witch, unique in her charm and style, beckons players to explore the arcane depths of their world.

While the narrative isn't heavy on specifics, it's clear: players are on a magical quest. A quest to uncover hidden treasures, navigate through bewitching spells, and perhaps even break a curse or two.

3 Lucky Witches Features

Step into the mystical realm of "3 Lucky Witches" by Yggdrasil Gaming, where every spin brings you closer to a world filled with wilds, enchanting bonuses, and mesmerizing free spins. Here's a quick rundown of what awaits:


  • At the heart of the game is the Lucky Witches logo, acting as the wild symbol. This emblematic icon can stand in for most other symbols, save for the distinctive bonus symbols.
  • By doing so, it crafts winning combinations, amplifying your shot at walking away with the game's hidden treasures.


  • A myriad of bonus symbols grace this slot, notably the Witches' Wheel and the enigmatic Cauldron.
  • Land 3 or more Witches' Wheel symbols, and you're ushered into a spin-the-wheel extravaganza. Here, you stand a chance to claim cash prizes, Win Spins, Mega Picks, or, if luck's really on your side, unveil a mystery space triggering an unexpected bonus treat.
  • The Cauldron, brewing with potential rewards, comes alive when you gather 3 or more of its symbols. Once triggered, anticipate a whirlwind of free spins, each potentially boosted by generous multipliers.

Free Spins

  • The heart of this magical escapade lies in its free spins, which awaken during the Cauldron bonus round.
  • Fortune favors the brave with up to 20 Win Spins, each potentially augmented by a thrice multiplier.


What's the RTP for "3 Lucky Witches"?

"3 Lucky Witches" boasts an RTP of 96.5%, positioning it above the typical average for online slot games.

How can I activate the bonus features in "3 Lucky Witches"?

  • To awaken the Witches' Wheel bonus, you'll need to spot 3 or more Witches' Wheel symbols on the reels.
  • For a potion-filled escapade, get 3 or more Cauldron symbols to trigger the Cauldron bonus feature

Is there an option to try "3 Lucky Witches" without spending money?

Absolutely! SlotWinny and numerous online casinos extend the privilege of a demo version, allowing you to delve into the game without splurging a penny or getting entangled in any software downloads or registrations. But remember, this free play won't have real monetary rewards waiting for you.

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling