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Mega Cash Stacks

  • Category Video Slot
  • Release date Jul 14, 2022
  • Volatility Medium-High
  • RTP 96%
  • Bet €1 (min: €0.2, max: €100)
  • Hit frequency 12.5%
  • Max win €224,990
  • Max multiplier X 2,249.9
  • Number of lines 25
  • Number of reels 5
  • Number of rows 4

Step into a world where wealth is at your fingertips! Introducing Mega Cash Stacks by Yggdrasil Gaming, the slot game that redefines opulence. Dive into a realm adorned with glistening symbols, where every spin is a dance of luxury and opportunity. Curious about the treasures that await? Read on, and let us guide you through the lavish journey of Mega Cash Stacks.

Mega Cash Stacks Slot Pros and Cons

Venturing into the exciting world of Mega Cash Stacks by Yggdrasil Gaming? Let's weigh the highs and lows of this slot game to give you a clearer perspective


Pros icon

Engaging Design

Dive into a visually captivating realm with its money-themed design that promises both engagement and immersion.

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Enhanced Odds

Boost your odds with up to 25 paylines, multiplying your chances to strike those sought-after winning combinations.

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Feature-Rich Gameplay

nleash a plethora of rewarding features. From wild symbols and scatter symbols to the golden bet, gamble option, and free spins, there's plenty to explore and leverage.

Pros icon

Volatility for the Win

For those seeking adrenaline-pumping action, the game's medium to high volatility ensures the potential for sizable rewards.


Cons icon

RTP Concerns

A potential concern might be the game's RTP, which stands a tad lower than some other slots in the market.

Cons icon

Design Preferences

If you're a fan of traditional slot designs, Mega Cash Stacks might feel a bit different from your usual taste.

Cons icon

Risk vs. Reward

For players who prefer playing it safe, the gamble feature, which presents an opportunity to either amplify or lose winnings in a mini-game, might feel a bit too risky.

Money-Themed Mega Cash Stacks

Theme: The Allure of Affluence

Mega Cash Stacks by Yggdrasil Gaming immerses players in a world of wealth and opulence. This money-themed slot game boasts symbols like stacks of cash, shimmering gold bars, and sparkling diamonds. Its design stands out not only because of its rich thematic symbols but also due to its sleek, modern aesthetics, ensuring players are captivated from the first spin.

Storyline: A Pursuit of Payouts

While Mega Cash Stacks doesn't follow a linear narrative or specific storyline, the entire gameplay revolves around the exhilarating chase for vast fortunes. As players spin the reels, they're thrown into a universe where every symbol and feature is a testament to the overarching theme of wealth. From trying to align those prized money-themed symbols in winning combinations to triggering the game's array of special features, there's always the promise of lucrative outcomes. Speaking of features, players can look forward to wild symbols, scatter symbols, the golden bet option, a gamble feature, and even free spins, all adding layers to the gameplay. And with its medium to high volatility, this slot offers the adrenaline rush of potentially hitting those big wins across its 25 paylines.

Step-by-Step Guide to Playing Mega Cash Stacks


Setting Your Stake

Begin your gameplay by determining how much you want to wager. Simply click on the Coin Stack button to adjust your bet size. Whether you're a high roller or prefer smaller stakes, the game accommodates a range of betting preferences.


Let the Game Begin

Once you're satisfied with your bet size, initiate the game by clicking the Spin button. Watch as the reels whirl, showcasing an array of money-themed symbols.


Understand the Payouts

To get a clearer understanding of the game's symbols and the rewards they bring, click on the Paytable button. Here, you'll find a detailed breakdown of each symbol's value and what combinations result in a win.


Unlock the Special Features

Mega Cash Stacks is laden with features designed to enhance your gameplay. Keep an eye out for wild symbols and scatter symbols. Activate the golden bet for added advantages, take a risk with the gamble feature, or trigger free spins for more chances to win. These features not only add layers of excitement but also can significantly boost your winnings.


Dive into the Experience

Mega Cash Stacks isn't just about winning; it's about enjoying the thrill of the chase. With its money theme, sleek graphics, and array of features, it guarantees players a captivating and immersive gaming journey.

Mega Cash Stacks Bet Sizes, RTP, and Variance Explained

Bet Sizes, RTP

  • Adjustability: Players have the flexibility to set their desired bet size. The Coin Stack button on the interface allows for easy adjustments to suit different budgets.
  • Range: Depending on the online casino you're playing at, the betting range for Mega Cash Stacks typically starts from as low as 0.25 and can go up to 100.
  • Percentage: Mega Cash Stacks boasts an RTP of 96%, aligning it with the average percentage commonly found in online slots.


  • Level: Falling into the medium to high volatility category, Mega Cash Stacks is tailored for players who are open to larger risks for potentially bigger rewards.
  • Jackpot: The game presents players with the opportunity to win across a commendable 25 paylines, enhancing the game's appeal.
  • Features that Amplify the Experience: The assortment of beneficial features in the game, such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, the golden bet option, the gamble feature, and free spins, not only enhances the gameplay but can also significantly boost potential rewards.


What is the theme of Mega Cash Stacks?

The theme of Mega Cash Stacks centers around the allure of money. It showcases symbols like stacks of cash, shimmering gold bars, and sparkling diamonds, representing the game's monetary theme. Complementing this theme is the game's refined design, blending a modern aesthetic with immersive visuals to captivate players.

What are the standout features of Mega Cash Stacks?

Mega Cash Stacks is rich in special features designed to enhance the player's experience. These features include:

  • Wild symbols that can substitute for others to form winning combinations.
  • Scatter symbols that can trigger bonus rounds.
  • The Golden Bet option for added chances to win.
  • A Gamble feature that allows players to risk their winnings for even bigger rewards.
  • Free Spins which can be activated to earn additional plays without placing a bet.

How does the game's volatility affect gameplay in Mega Cash Stacks?

Mega Cash Stacks is characterized as a medium to high volatility slot. This means wins might not come around as often as in low-volatility games, but when they do, they can be quite substantial. With a maximum jackpot spread across up to 25 paylines and a host of beneficial features like wilds, scatters, golden bets, and free spins, players have numerous avenues to amplify their gameplay experience.

Reviewed by Patrick Adams

Patrick is a general article and content writer who loves online games and gambling